# Checkout Page

The quickest and easiest method to launch your Straal agent is to use Straal’s ready-made Checkout Page. We guarantee outstanding customer experience for your customers regardless of the type of device they are using. Our forms can be used on a variety of devices – desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Read more about using checkout page in APIref: Checkout Page(opens new window) .

Using Straal checkout page

  1. Send request to create checkout object in Straal. For technical details, see APIref: Initialize checkout(opens new window) .

  2. Redirect the end user to the redirect_url obtained from checkout initialization response.

  3. After payment attempt you will receive notification - checkout_attempt_finished for card transactions, or pay_by_link_payment_succeeded or pay_by_link_payment_failed for Pay-By-Link payment. For one checkout there can be more than one payment attempt because Straal Checkout Page enables end user to retry failed payment attempt. After notifications about failed payment you can receive information about successful attempt. If you receive notification about payment failure after notification about success, you should ignore it. This may happen when there are connection problems. You should always treat notification about payment success as a final one.

Read more about Straal notifications: Notifications.

Read more about checkout_attempt_finished notification: APIref: checkout_attempt_finished(opens new window) .

Read more about pay_by_link_payment_succeeded notification: APIref: pay_by_link_payment_succeeded(opens new window) .

Read more about pay_by_link_payment_failed notification: APIref: pay_by_link_payment_failed(opens new window) .