# 3-D Secure

Add an extra layer to your fraud protection with 3-Domain Secure. It's a tool that will help you verify the payer's identity with the help of the card issuer, such as Visa or MasterCard.

# How 3-D Secure works

In the past, 3-D Secure authentication would require an additional security step for the customer, such as a special password. It discouraged customers from making a payment.

This is not the case with the innovative application od 3-D Secure provided by our partners. Straal's application is risk-based, and takes place "behind the scenes" while the payment is processed.

# The effects

3-D Secure helps you reduce the risk of fraud. It adds another layer of protection in terms of chargeback liability. That is, in case of a fraudulent transaction, the acquiring bank accepts responsibility for possible extortions, and you don't need to worry about fraud-related chargebacks.