Apple Pay overview

Apple Pay is a digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows buyers to make a purchase with cards stored on their Apple devices. It is considered as a secure, fast, and convenient way to pay for online shopping. Apple Pay works with Safari and participating apps. To make a payment, you simply select Apple Pay as your payment method and confirm the payment with your Apple device using Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.

Accepting Apple Pay via Straal

With the Apple Pay payment method activated, your customers using an Apple device with Apple Pay configured will automatically see the Apple Pay payment method in Straal Checkout.

Straal provides the option for integration in either of the following ways:

  1. Straal Checkout, find out more here Checkout Page(opens new window)
  2. White-label integration using straal API (customized checkout process with your own names, logos and brand components)

By choosing to accept payments via Straal Checkout, no additional integration work is required. If you have your own white-label integration, there are a few additional steps required.

# Prerequisites

Key requirements:

  • Make sure you have an Apple device(opens new window) that is capable of using Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay supports Safari browser, so you should use it for web payments.
  • Ensure that you are located in a region where Apple Pay is supported(opens new window) and that you have added a card to your Apple Pay wallet.
  • You must have SSL activated on your store domain.
  • Check if all web pages containing the Apple Pay button use HTTPS and that your web server is compatible with TLS 1.2.
  • Set up your server for secure communications with Apple Pay. Follow the steps in the Setting Up Your Server(opens new window) page, including the Allow Apple IP Addresses for Domain Verification section.

Follow Apple Pay Guidelines

# White-label integration steps

Simplified Apple Pay Setup

You won't have to set up an Apple developer account or generate your own Apple Pay certificates. We will handle all of this based on the data collected during the onboarding process.

  • Your task is to share the URLs domain where you intend to use the Apple Pay button or custom checkout,
  • then, we will send you the verification file assigned to this domain, which should be saved on the server in the specific location in order to pass Apple verification process.

We will provide detailed instructions during the onboarding process.

Additional materials We are including the below support Apple's articles for your reference and for the most up-to-date information:

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