Google Pay™

# Introduction

Google Pay™, is a digital wallet that offers quick and easy card transactions without requiring users to input their card details for every payment. Google securely stores the card information on Google account or as tokens on their Android devices. Google Pay is accessible on all devices, regardless of the operating system or web browser used.

Integrating Google Pay™, you agree to Google's terms of service(opens new window) .

Straal provides the option for integration in either of the following ways:

  1. Straal Checkout, find out more here Checkout Page(opens new window)
  2. White-label integration using straal API (customized checkout process with your own names, logos and brand components)

Note that you don't have to be PCI Certified to store Google Pay™ tokens.

# Supported card schemas

Currently supported card schemes are:

  • AMEX
  • JCB
  • VISA

and following card type payments:

  • one-shot payments
  • one-click payments
  • merchant initiated payments

# Currencies support

The same as in cards.

The specific list will depend on your setup. To talk about details, contact our Sales Team

# Google Pay setup

# Step 1: Sign Up for Google Pay™ for Business

You'll need to use the Google Account you'd like to use to accept payments for your business. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter your business information into the form. Sign up for Google Pay™ for Business(opens new window) .

# Step 2: Contact our Sales Team

Reach out to our Sales Team to set up your integration. Please provide us with your Merchant ID which is displayed on the top of the screen on the Google Pay™ & Wallet Console(opens new window) , as well as the merchant name you wish to display on the Google card chooser. We will establish the integration on your behalf and supply all the essential information needed for configuring the payment in subsequent steps.

# Step 3. Setup Google Pay™ on your account on Google Pay™ & Wallet Console

Log in to Google Pay™ & Wallet Console(opens new window)

  • Ensure Business profile is setup with basic information about your company.
  • Setup Google Pay™ API section.
    • Select try, read and accept Gogole Pay™ API Terms of Service.
    • Click on "Add website" in "Integrate with your website" section.
    • Enter your website address and any other required information.
    • From the 'Your GooglePay API integration type' dropdown menu, select 'Gateway'.
    • Upload screenshots of your payment flow. If you're utilizing Straal Checkout, use the screenshots supplied by our team.
    • Submit the page for approval by Google.

Note: While waiting for Google approval, test your integration with Straal using test Google cards according to specified scenarios: APIref: Testing resources(opens new window) .

# Step 4. Activation of Google Pay™

Please inform us once your Google production access is ready, so we can activate your integration with Google Pay™.

# Use case – enabling Google Pay™ in Straal checkout

If you already use our Straal checkout solution, it is fairly easy to extend by with added Google Pay™ button. Consult the main section and there is no extra steps needed.

  • we will send you screenshots to be used in Google web registration form

# Use case – paying with Google Pay™ from your own checkout page

The easiest way to integrate with Straal with your own checkout page is to use dedicated StraalJS library directly on your frontent.

  • Remember that to set up the Google Pay™ payment logo on your payment page, you must adhere to the Google Pay™ brand guidelines, which can be found here: brand guidelines(opens new window)

Read about the general flow using crypt keys in the section "Create your own checkout section" at

To specifically start using Google Pay do:

  1. Prepare Google Pay™ button on your page, following Google Pay™ integration tutorial(opens new window) . To configure Google javascript client use data provided by our team.

  2. Follow APIref: Create a 3DS transaction with the Google Pay using CryptKey(opens new window) .