From global SaaS companies (such as VoD services, music platforms) to more traditional subscription services (such as gym memberships or subscription of periodicals), subscriptions provide a stable and reliable source of income.

Subscription-based models help businesses build customer loyalty easily and grow their client bases, because it's so easy for a customer to make simple recurring payments without the need to refill their details every time.

# Subscription lifecycle

Subscription lifecycle is a sequence of operations that you can perform on a subscription in Straal.

Diagram showing what can happen to a subscription during it lifecycle. It's described below.

  1. A subscription is created.
  2. If a subscription is linked to a plan with a trial period, a Verification Authorization is carried out, and the trial starts.
  3. If there is no (more) trial, the connected card is authorized and charged.
  4. If the charge is successful, the next one happens after the subscription period comes to an end. The next charge begins the next subscription period. If a charge fails, a transaction retry is possible, according to your setup (see: Smart Retry Logic).
  5. At any point, a subscription can be cancelled. To functionally renew a subscription, a new one has to be created.