# Smart Retry Logic

It can sometimes happen that a subscription charge fails either for technical reasons or due to insufficient funds on the payer account. You can instruct Straal to automatically retry failed subscription transactions. It will happen automatically, and can be fine-tuned to your business model.

Note: if your shop uses a retry logic, it should be explained in your Terms and Conditions that a recurring payment will be performed with the help of an auto-retry system.

If you are an enterprise client, you can also ask us to switch on our Smart Charge Logic, that was designed to bring the best results as far as the effectiveness of charging is concerned. It was optimized using machine learning algorithms and the vast amounts of data that we have gathered over the years.

If you let us know your preference, we will customize the retry logic for you. The default behavior of the system is not to attempt an operation again after it was rejected.

Here is an example logical chain you could set up:

An example chain for the retry logic. It's described below.

  1. An attempted operation is rejected.
  2. Straal sends you a notification (see Notifications) and schedules a retry in 3 days.
  3. You should send an email to your customer, saying something like: "We were unable to charge your card and we will try again in 3 days. Make sure there are sufficient funds in your account, or click to use another card."
  4. If the retry fails 3 days later, then Straal notifies you and schedules one more attempt in 2 days.
  5. If the operation fails again, Straal notifies you and doesn't try again.