# Notifications

Straal notifications let you instantly know when something takes place in our system. There is a considerable advantage to using them – even if something goes wrong on your back end, you'll still know what happened to the payment. For example, you'll be notified when we detect a charge attempt or when we bill a subscription.

When notifications are useful:

  • Operations done on mobile apps or using an online checkout – when your back end doesn't receive the transaction status from the front end.
  • When you want to know if an operation has been rejected.
  • SEPA payments, which can take up to 5 days. With notifications enabled, you'll be notified when a payment succeeds or fails.

How to set up notifications

To start receiving notifications, set up a secure endpoint (using HTTPS and not HTTP) with Basic Auth enabled. We will need Basic Auth credentials. We will send notifications there, and it needs to respond with a 200 ("OK") status code.

Read more about specific notifications in APIref: Notifications(opens new window) .

To set notification endpoints visit Straal Kompas or write an email do our IT Support: [email protected].

What you can do next:

Remember you can consult our comprehensive API Reference(opens new window) at any moment.

For help with payments vocabulary, head to our glossary.

You can reach us by e-mail. IT Support: [email protected], Support Team: [email protected].